Our Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As a special Christmas gift from ourselves at Village Green Signs, we are offering Free UK delivery on all of our resin house sign range, over the Christmas period.

Plain House sign

17½ x 6¾ Rectangle sign

Whether you require a Plain Sign with just numbers or text, or one of our beautifully hand painted artwork house signs. As long as you order your sign on-line before 5th January we will delivery the sign in the UK Free of charge.

hand painted house sign

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Village Green Signs.

Christmas House sign ordering dates

As Christmas approaches many of our customers miss out on the Christmas delivery for their House signs. Unlike many products our signs are all individually hand crafted, which takes longer to produce, and normally at Christmas the demand is so huge, we are unable to take orders after the middle of November.

Tree & Decs 640x360This year we are keeping well on top of our sign orders on the run up to Christmas, so we are releasing our “Christmas Ordering Dates”.

When you visit our house signs website you will see a large selection of examples to choose from, any of these designs can be crafted to suit your needs and can be made on a sign of your choice. The price is dependent on the size of house plaque chosen and then you can add your text and choice of design.

Christmas house sign

Christmas tree sign

Make sure to order early to save any disappointment.


Charity Event

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research – Birmingham Bikeathon 21st September

23rd September 2014 (update)

Thank you to everyone who ordered a house sign over the past couple of weeks, we have been able to sponsor Daniel an additonal £85.00 for his amazing achievement of completing the 100 miles on his bike, as Village Green Signs has donated 50p for every order placed.

It was a superb day with 1000’s of cyclists taking part in the 3 different distances & we tracked Daniel around the 100mile route offering support all the way, for himself and his fellow riders in the Streetly Pelaton.

Village Green Signs will be donating 50p for every house sign order placed between the dates of 14th August – 20th September to support this great cause.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Raising money for charity

On Sunday 21st of September the Birmingham bikeathon Charity Event will take place raising money for Leukaemia & lymphoma research.

There are a number of courses with different distances that you can partake in at this fund raising charity event.
Being in remission from non-hodgkins Lymphoma  for nearly 2 years now I know the benefit of this fantastic cause.
I am proud to say that my son Daniel will be doing the 100 mile course,  if you would like to read his story and possibly sponsor him for this challenge, please follow this link Sponsor Dan.

For more information about this carity event check out the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Bikeathon

Many Thanks From all of us at Village Green Signs.


Free House Number Offer

Free House number offer with selected signs

As the summer starts we are offering a Free House number, when you choose one of our selected sizes for your main sign, from our hand painted house sign range. Even if you do not have a house number you can use the free sign to give as a present !

Clematis house sign

Hand painted resin house sign -16″ x 12″ Oval

Free Number Signs available

We have selected a couple of small number signs which will match your main house plaque selection.These can be added on for free when placing your order on-line at Village Green Signs.

Free number offer

free oval sign 6″ x 4″ – Normally £16.95

This 6″ x 4″ Oval number is offered free, when selecting your main house sign form any of our promotional Oval motif sizes (see selected sizes).


Free House Number

Free Arch sign – 4″ x 3½” – Normally £14.95

If you choose an arch style for your main sign, you will be offered the above 4″ x 3½” arch number free of charge, at the end of the ordering page.


Ordering page

Ordering page

When you order your main sign you will find the free number sign, at the bottom of the ordering page, simply add the number you would like in the box next to the image. The free number will be finished in the same colouring as you have specified for your main sign.

With our latest offer it will allow you to choose a sign with just your house name on it, and then receive a separate house number free of charge. Weather the free house number is for your home or to use as a gift, is entirely up to you. We can just assure you that you will have a house sign to be proud of.

Have a great Summer – from the Team at Village Green Signs

Personalised House Signs

Hand Painted Personalised Signs

Throughout the years we have offered a personalised service for our house signs. This allows our customers to tell us exactly what they require, on their personalised signs.

Special Commissions

We have many examples of our special commissions that we have produced for our customers. After the feedback from a very happy customer, we thought that we would share the sign that our artist created for them. This plaque was painted from a picture, that the customer supplied for their personalised sign, which held special memories for them of a certain cafe that looked out on the Brooklyn bridge.

Personalised signs

special commission

This is just one of many signs that we have produced from a supplied picture, and included the customers address details, along with their chosen image, all produced on a weatherproof resin sign, which has the appearance of traditional cast iron.


Special Commission

Our customers comments after receiving the above sign.
“My husband & I moved to a small village with a beautiful old mill, and we wanted to incorporate this into our house sign, so we sent some photographs along with our sign order. Can we just say how delighted we are with the result, the sign well exceeds our expectation, as the artist has captured every single detail. We would highly recommend Village Green Signs, thank you!”

Pets painted from pictures

A lot of our special commissions are for pets, where customers usually choose a raised motif from our Dog signsCat signs or Horse house signs page on our website, and then ask for us to paint them in their animals colouring. But again we do offer a fully personalised service, where a special commission can be produced from a picture, as shown with this lovely Tibetan terrier below.

personalised signs - hand painted Dog signs

Tibetan Terrier hand painted from a customers picture.

Cost of personalised signs

To receive a personalised signs quote for any of our house plaques, simply email us an image of what you would like on your house sign, and we will advise you on the sizes and shapes  that we can provide, along with your personalised sign quote. All our standard sizes & prices can be seen on our website, these will include any chosen design and your address details.

April Offer – Free UK Delivery

April Offers

As everyone is now getting the chance to make the most of their gardens and noticing that they may need to replace their old looking house signs. It is now the ideal time to take advantage of our Free UK delivery on our entire resin sign range.

Free UK P&P on house signs

Village Green Signs has decided to offer Free UK delivery on all resin house sign orders placed on-line before the end of April.

hand painted house sign

Spring Savings on selected signs

Also during the month of April there is an ideal chance to make a £10 saving on one of the best sellers in the range. The following two sizes have been selected in our April special offer, to be reduced as shown & again this offer will run until the end of April.

Oval- 12″ x 8″ – £10.00 Off – Now only £75.00
Arch – 12″ x 10″ – £10.00 Off – Now only £75.00

The above sizes also qualify for the Free UK delivery so there is an overall saving of £15.95 if ordered before the end of April.

house signs - Camellia design

12″ x 8″ Oval sign

House sign - Foxgloves

12″ x 10″ Arch type sign – Now only £75.00 incl. UK delivery

To see the full range of house sign designs available please visit our website

House Signs to spring your home in to life.

March Special Offer on house signs

With the spring flowers bursting in to life, its time to get outdoors and start tidying up the garden. Why not freshen up the outside of the house as well, with one of our beautifully hand painted door numbers.

During the month of March we are offering 25% off a selection of our range of hand painted resin house signs.

If you are looking for a small number sign with a raised design, this offer is ideal for you. You can choose either an Oval shape (8″ x 5½”), or the small Arch (6½” x 5½”) for the reduced price of just £30.00 – this will include the number of your choice, in gold, white or silver numbers, then select a design from the vast range on our house signs website.

25% Off the following door number sizes.

Small Oval- 8″ x 5½” – 25% Off – Now only £30.00
Small Arch – 6½” 5½ – 25% Off – Now only £30.00
Our full range of sizes can be seen on our pricelist.
Spring Flowers house sign design

Spring Flowers house sign Ref: F123a -8″ x 5½” Oval

Only £30.00 small house sign

Primroses Ref: F100a – 8″ x 5½” Oval


Oval house number sign - Only £30.00

Poppy Spray Door sign Ref: F99a – 8″ x 5½” Oval

Arch type door sign only £30.00

Bluebells on small arch sign – 6½” x 5½”










More examples available at our Door Numbers & House signs website.

Immortalise your beautiful flowers with signs that last a lifetime, now with over 500 raised designs to choose from, we are sure that you can find an ideal addition to your home from our range.

Spring Crocuses 

house signs in bloom

Daffodils Ref: F33a shown on 14″ x 10″ Oval sign


house sign with Snowdrops design

Snowdrops Ref: F120a shown on 14″ x 10″ Oval sign

House sign showing primrose

Primrose Ref: F101a shown on 12″ x 8″ Oval


Making a house a home

Making a house a home

What makes a house a home? Homeliness is all about the little personal touches, the individual details that make a home unique. A home should be a haven and feel warm, safe, comfortable and welcoming. When we have been living in a place for a long time, seeing the place with fresh eyes can be a challenge. It is easy to create homely harmony by making a few simple adjustments to what is already there and by introducing some new ideas.

 Softly, softly

Create the perfect nest with soft, warm textures. Leather sofas sometimes feel cool and clinical – for a sumptuous, sensual place to relax it’s hard to beat a suede or velvet upholstery finish on living room furnishings. With easy, free delivery choosing a new sofa set represents minimal hassle. Go for designs with deep, generous seating and well-stuffed cushions. Invest in some giant scatter cushions, as they always look so much more upmarket than the standard sizes that come with sofas. Think about adding tactile textile throws in mohair or pure new wool to introduce a luxurious element. Try a colourful rug at floor level to reinforce the suggestion of warmth.

Get personal

Put a personal stamp on an interior by featuring family photographs, mementoes and cherished souvenirs. Some people like to collect things and if it is something that looks good in a display cabinet, then why not put it out there? Porcelain and silverware always looks nice but other less conventional collections work well too. Teapots, silver butter knives, cow shaped cream jugs, snuff boxes – people collect all manner of things and they make interesting interior features as well as good conversation starters. 

Make exterior match interior

Do not forget the house exterior. Does it look welcoming and homely? With a few easy additions a home’s kerb appeal can be transformed. Fix up a pretty house name sign to give the place a really individual look. Personalised signs in many styles are available, and whether it’s a cottagey feel that’s required or an elegant slate nameplate, it’s a great way of sharpening up the house exterior and making it look more inviting. Also install a new lamp by the freshly painted door and have a climbing rose scaling the wall, and suddenly the house looks friendly and cheerful.

Lovely lighting

Is the lighting in the house a little stark? Harsh overhead lighting creates a cold atmosphere, far better to opt for low lighting in the form of attractive lamps around the room.  Directional floor lamps are good for task lighting and coloured light bulbs give a soft, diffuse tone that injects warmth. For a really special atmosphere, soft candlelight is hard to beat so keep a few scented candles on standby.

Making a house a home does not just happen. It has to be stage managed to a certain extent, to make all the elements work together and feel just right. That’s why some homes feel much more welcoming than others – because the owner has made considered decisions about furnishings, styles and accessories. It’s good to know there are plenty of simple and easy steps we can take that transform our houses into home sweet homes.

Choosing the correct house sign.

Which House sign ?

When you have decided to purchase a new house sign, there are a few factors to take into consideration. The main factor is the size, you will need to choose a sign that will accommodate all of the details you require, and if you see an example of a painted design, make sure to check the size it is shown on, and if you think there will be room enough to fit on what you need. If not you will need to choose a larger sign, or leave out some detail.

Having produced house signs now for over 20 years, we have a wealth of experience designing plaques for our customers, and we are always happy to offer our assistance.

Border Collie painted house sign

Border Collie painted house sign – shown on a 12″ x 8″ Oval with 1″ letters around the bottom curve

Factors to consider when choosing a sign

1. How far will the sign need to be seen from.
2. What do you need to display on the sign. Just a number – House name and a number – House number and street name. (Please bear in mind the more letters you that you display -the smaller the letter size will need to be, to fit on the sign). In other words do you really need to have your road name, or will you be better off having a larger number with a design?
3. Do you want just a plain house sign, or would you like a raised hand painted motif to attract attention to your sign.
4.What shape will suite your details. As all address’s and names are different lengths, we have a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your text.

Plain house sign shapes

Oval house number sign

Starting Plain Oval – Sign size 6″ x 4″ – can take up to 3 numbers


Arch style house sign – 9″ x 8″ size – ideal for number and house name signs.
2″number and 1″ letters.

Rectangle Name plates

Section of plain rectangle signs.

Artwork House plaques

When choosing a design from our artwork section always check the size that the example is shown on, if it is on an 8″ x 5½” oval with just a number, you will need a larger size if you are going to include a name as well, in order for the name to fit on the sign.

Raised poppy design - oval house plaque example

Raised artwork design shown on a resin oval signDSCF4524


September Special Offer on house signs

After another great summer of deals for our house signs,  we are now offering our September special offer – Free UK Delivery on all of our resin sign range.
All resin sign orders placed on-line by Monday 30th September, will be posted free of charge to anywhere in the UK.
Check out our wonderful range of house signs at www.villagegreensigns.co.uk .

Door signs can be produced with a number only on an oval, or arched shape plaque, or you can include a design, with your number, and house name, on larger plaques from our range.

House signs with raised motifs

Raised poppy design - house signs - oval example

Raised artwork design shown on a resin oval sign


This sign shows how raised our designs are on the signs  that we produce, giving a real life effect to the end product.

Poppy - house signs - door sign

Front view of poppy door sign

With the majority of the designs that we display on our website, we use a raised motif, which is moulded into the sign when we produce it, along with the raised letters and numbers. As you can see from the above images, these are not stick on emblems, which have been already painted. They are in fact individually hand painted after the sign has been moulded with your design of choice. The artist actually paints the area around the motif, in order to blend it in with the sign itself, and also maximise the space that is available, to make sure that large area’s are not left blank. This method of painting creates a design that looks life like.

Make sure you do not miss out on this wonderful offer and visit our site today to be amazed by our selection of raised motifs available on your sign.