Spring Offer on resin house signs 10% Off

As the spring arrives we are offering 10% off our resin house signs range to get you in the mood for freshening up the front of your home.

crocus & snowdrop house sign

Crocus & snowdrop house signs

Order before 16th March to take advantage of our early Spring Offer

As the British weather is hopefully starting to warm up & the crocuses are in full bloom, get your self outside in the garden to do a little tidying up, and whist you are there if you think your house sign is looking a touch tired, check out our range of  beautifully hand painted resin house signs at reduced prices. With over 500 raised design on beautifully crafted house plaques to choose from, select your favorite design and personalize it with our online ordering area at Village Green Signs.

Resin house signs

Making a house a home

Making a house a home

What makes a house a home? Homeliness is all about the little personal touches, the individual details that make a home unique. A home should be a haven and feel warm, safe, comfortable and welcoming. When we have been living in a place for a long time, seeing the place with fresh eyes can be a challenge. It is easy to create homely harmony by making a few simple adjustments to what is already there and by introducing some new ideas.

 Softly, softly

Create the perfect nest with soft, warm textures. Leather sofas sometimes feel cool and clinical – for a sumptuous, sensual place to relax it’s hard to beat a suede or velvet upholstery finish on living room furnishings. With easy, free delivery choosing a new sofa set represents minimal hassle. Go for designs with deep, generous seating and well-stuffed cushions. Invest in some giant scatter cushions, as they always look so much more upmarket than the standard sizes that come with sofas. Think about adding tactile textile throws in mohair or pure new wool to introduce a luxurious element. Try a colourful rug at floor level to reinforce the suggestion of warmth.

Get personal

Put a personal stamp on an interior by featuring family photographs, mementoes and cherished souvenirs. Some people like to collect things and if it is something that looks good in a display cabinet, then why not put it out there? Porcelain and silverware always looks nice but other less conventional collections work well too. Teapots, silver butter knives, cow shaped cream jugs, snuff boxes – people collect all manner of things and they make interesting interior features as well as good conversation starters. 

Make exterior match interior

Do not forget the house exterior. Does it look welcoming and homely? With a few easy additions a home’s kerb appeal can be transformed. Fix up a pretty house name sign to give the place a really individual look. Personalised signs in many styles are available, and whether it’s a cottagey feel that’s required or an elegant slate nameplate, it’s a great way of sharpening up the house exterior and making it look more inviting. Also install a new lamp by the freshly painted door and have a climbing rose scaling the wall, and suddenly the house looks friendly and cheerful.

Lovely lighting

Is the lighting in the house a little stark? Harsh overhead lighting creates a cold atmosphere, far better to opt for low lighting in the form of attractive lamps around the room.  Directional floor lamps are good for task lighting and coloured light bulbs give a soft, diffuse tone that injects warmth. For a really special atmosphere, soft candlelight is hard to beat so keep a few scented candles on standby.

Making a house a home does not just happen. It has to be stage managed to a certain extent, to make all the elements work together and feel just right. That’s why some homes feel much more welcoming than others – because the owner has made considered decisions about furnishings, styles and accessories. It’s good to know there are plenty of simple and easy steps we can take that transform our houses into home sweet homes.