House plaque – naming your sign

Classic house plaque names

Over the last 20 years we have sold a lot of different house plaques through our website, and also at various garden shows and flower exhibitions around the country. There have been many weird and wonderful house names amongst them, as well as the old classics like Primrose Cottage, Rose Cottage, Wisteria House, Lavender Cottage…. the list goes on, with all of these classic names we have many raised designs in our range, to complement the name on your house plaque.

Lavender Cottage sign

Lavender cottage house plaque

Wisteria house

Raised painted wisteria design – wisteria house

Lovely Cottage house plaque

The most recent show that we exhibited at was the Harrogate flower show in April this year. Hundreds of lovely customers made orders at the stand, but one in particular had a wonderful tale to tell about how his cottage had been named.

House plaque display stand

Show display stand at Harrogate flowers show

After helping a couple on our show stand, to decide which shape of sign to have for their house name, I turned to find a little old man, all dressed for the weather in a warm coat & a wooly hat. It does get cold up north at this time of year. He asked me if we had any horse designs, as he had not seen one yet on our display stand. I immediately showed him a couple of different examples that we had on some of the display plaques. We also keep a gallery of examples in our show books which i also displayed to him. These are pictures of other house signs we had produced for previous customers over the years.

When he saw what we could do his eyes lit up and he proceeded to tell me the name of his house, which was “Lovely Cottage”. It was named after the 1945 or 1946 Grand National winning horse. His Father had placed a substantial bet at the time and the horse had won, and on the back of the winnings he was able to purchase his dream cottage. On hearing this story I said I would be able research the horse details, and when we produced the sign we could ask the artist to hand paint the raised horse design in the exact colours of Lovely Cottage, along with the jockey in the racing silks that he would of worn on the winning day.

Lovely Cottage original picture

Original artists painting of 1946 winner

The Finished house plaque

Lovely Cottage house plaque

Lovely Cottage sign displaying the 1946 Grand National winner

The old gentleman was overjoyed with this and proceeded to order his sign. After researching the details it appears that it was indeed the Grand National winner of 1946, which was the first true Aintree Grand National in 6 years, due to the war and also the last to take place on a Friday, the traditional race day since 1876. Lovely Cottage won the race as a 25/1 shot ridden by jockey Captain Robert Petre.

How our house signs are produced

As this was such an enchanting tale we have taken pictures of the production process, from the initial setting out of the sign to the finished hand painted plaque, where it is clear to be seen the attention to detail that our artist Janet, has taken with this lovely sign for a Lovely cottage.

Setting out the house plaque

Initial layout of the sign using raised letters and Race Horse design on the master plate

Mould for lovely Cottage House sign

The mould produced for the lovely cottage sign to be created from.


casting house plaque moulds

Moulds being cast with polyurethane resin